Featured image of post Trip to Japan and SISPAD 2023: TOKYO

Trip to Japan and SISPAD 2023: TOKYO

SISPAD talk and trip to Japan (Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo)


Today, I am on my way to Kobe. I spent the whole day in Tokyo, and I really enjoyed it. Tokyo is a fantastic place, it has a population of 14.09 million people as of 2018. That is double that of my home country!!!

Future work

In Tokyo, I really wanted to go to the flagship Muji store. Still, to my surprise, it is closed for renovations until a day after I leave Japan. I also wanted to climb Mt. Fuji, but due to time constraints and unfortunate timing, I could not do that, too. So I am definitely coming back 🛩🛩🛩.

Thoughts on Tokyo

Apart from those annoying facts, Tokyo has been great. The city centre is more posh and luxurious than Dubai or Doha, yet cheaper than the UK. I am not a luxury shopper, but I want to know if I get a good deal. The food is excellent, as all food bloggers suggest. There are a lot of stunning sights and beautiful shrines. I can only imagine how many more things there are…

Tomorrow is the first day of SISPAD. I am excited to meet everyone and learn more about thermo/mechanical analysis of semiconductors. On Thursday, the 28th is the machine learning session, which is what I am here for. It’s also the day of my talk, so it will be great!

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