Featured image of post Trip to Japan and SISPAD 2023: SISPAD DAY 1

Trip to Japan and SISPAD 2023: SISPAD DAY 1

Sispad Day 1: Process simulation

Process simulation - surface etching

Lado spoke about his ViennaPS. I need to read the paper to properly understand. As Lado said, if you don’t know about surface etching, 15 minutes won’t help 🤣.

Process simulation - surface deposition modelling

Samsung spoke about how they can replace DFT with ML. They use SimpleNN to predict surface potential. The model thus far works only in a predefined domain. They aim to expand this to have generative capabilites.

AAAI paper results

My AAAI paper will recieve a dеsicion today! Very excited to find out if my collaborators and I will get it

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